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Traci N

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My Grandma recently moved I took the piece with me back to my house because it's got a lot of history traveling on a train as my Grandfather was in the Army.  Consequently it got pretty abused and my grandparents covered it with contact paper.  I had never seen the actual piece, but was hoping there was a way to salvage it. Once I got it home, I kinda gave up hope and asked Herb to take it to Goodwill along with other items.

On Sunday night, the cedar chest appeared in my living room in PERFECT condition.  Safe to say I did not recognize it at first because I never saw the piece without the contact paper on it, but I did recognize the latch and the legs, and the inside labels.  I was amazed and so thankful that Herb took the time to have this restored right by one of the best in the business:  Graybar.

As of now, it's one of the only things I have as far as family heirlooms are concerned.  I'm so proud to have it, and I love the work you put into it ensuring it will be in my life as it was in my grandparents.

Another great job Craig. I speak now as a client without condition that your work is second to  none.