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Milwaukee Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration at Graybar Furniture Works starts with an estimate performed by a skilled master craftsman NOT just a salesperson. The Graybar team member who inspects your furniture for restoration will assess your furniture with the eyes of a skilled and seasoned professional who has restored hundreds of fine furniture pieces.

Honest Antique Furniture Restoration and Appraisal

antique China CabinetThe vast majority of old or antique furniture pieces not only stand to be greatly enhanced in visual appeal with fine furniture restoration, most antique or heirloom furniture pieces appreciate considerably in resale value when restored by expert craftsmen and craftswomen. Even more than adding value, the Craig Graybar furniture restoration team prepares your furniture for many more generations of use and enjoyment. And rest assured that if you have that one in a million antique piece, Graybar Furniture Works will advise you when not to do restoration along with how to care for and protect the integrity of your extremely rare, extremely valuable antique furniture piece because the Graybar team is honest enough to tell you when a piece should be left alone and expert enough to deliver a perfectly restored furniture piece every other time.

From Simple Cleaning To Complete Furniture Restoration

Restoration can be as simple as tightening a couple of loosened joints and removing years of grime embedded in the finish of any furniture piece, antique or family heirloom. Other times restoration will entail disassembling every component of a furniture piece, cleaning every surface where the assembly comes together, then re-gluing the joinery and fastening as needed and where appropriate. Restoration can also involve faithful and accurate replacement of missing parts, repairing or laying up fine veneers and the repair or replacement of damaged/missing hardware. All of our restoration projects are meticulously stained and finished (just look at the underside of our tables or inside our drawers) then reassembled to restore the grandeur of any piece of furniture, regardless of whether it is an antique, a family heirloom or just something you found at a rummage sale. In any case, when Graybar Furniture’s craftsmen and women have finished their work on any piece of furniture you bring them the term ‘fine furniture’ will surely apply when you take it home.