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Milwaukee's Wood Furniture Repair Experts

It doesn’t matter if day-to-day use or abuse, fire, water, time or some other force has damaged your treasured furniture piece. It doesn’t matter if your damaged furniture is a valuable antique or just something that you picked up on the side of the road. The master craftsmen and craftswomen at Graybar Furniture Works will repair your furniture to exacting standards using both cutting edge furniture industry technology along with good old fashioned know how to rescue your furniture, regardless of how badly damaged it may initially be.

Repairing Family Heirlooms & Rummage Sale Pieces Into Treasures!

Broken Wood Chair BackAt Graybar Furniture Works in Milwaukee maintaining the integrity of your furniture is always at the forefront of our planning so that you get the quality repair you value most. At Graybar Furniture Works we treat the piece you found at a rummage sale with the same care we give your treasured antiques or family heirlooms. We meticulously select the proper wood species, wood grain, color and quality of wood for replacement parts for all the furniture we repair. At Graybar Furniture Works we carefully consider the appropriate finish for your furniture piece. In fact we address every detail associated with your furniture including hardware, glass, upholstery and caning.

If It's Broke, YES We Can Fix It!

Whether the family dog mistook a chair stretcher or the claw-and-ball foot of your table as it's chew toy or if decades of opening and closing doors has taken a toll on your hutch or the kids broke apart your bed using it as a trampoline; many folks just like you have come to Graybar Furniture Works over the years with similar problems and are amazed by our craftsmanship. Our repairs will be so precise in color, fit and finish, that we turn what you thought would have been an obvious ‘fix job’ into a truly inspired, impossible to detect furniture repair and we do this for all of our Graybar Furniture Works clients.

Skilled Furniture Makers On Every Wood Furniture Repair

At Graybar our craftsmen and women are skilled furniture makers and they bring that same level of experience to every repair they do. So if the furniture you love is damaged or seems lost to disrepair, trust Milwaukee’s best craftsmen and women to rescue your family treasures whether they are antiques, family heirlooms or simply that lucky roadside find you made.

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