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Milwaukee Furniture Alterations

Wood headboards Before and After alterationOur furniture alterations (or repurposing if you prefer) often provide the most amazing before and after transformations.  If you didn’t see the finely detailed, master bedroom American Cherry headboard before it was altered from full size (four and a half feet wide) you will find it nearly impossible to believe the headboard was ever altered to king size (six and a half feet wide) after the fine furniture craftsmen and craftswomen at Graybar Furniture Works have completed their task. It doesn’t matter if you have literally outgrown a furniture piece or you are at that point in your life where you are down-sizing; the urge to recapture the piece and reintegrate it back into your daily life never goes away. Maybe you found a unique furniture piece at a fine furniture store, antique dealer, rummage sale or even by the roadside that is either too big or too small for your purposes. Perhaps you would like to convert a row of drawers into doors, or an old double dresser into a triple dresser or, you simply want to adjust the height of your bed to accommodate your new quilted mattress. Graybar Furniture Works can even take an old dresser with wonderful character but in dire need of expert woodworking and finishing and convert into a stately bathroom vanity with an attached and seemingly original matching vanity mirror that didn't exist before the furniture alteration began. Graybar Furniture Works will not only do the job, our furniture alteration team will do the job so well your friends will never guess your fine furniture piece was altered to fit your idea of what it should be.

Adding Value In Keeping Fine Furniture In Step With Your Life

While furniture alterations might seem outside of the box from the perspective of normal or logical thought regarding what can be done with a piece of fine furniture, many of our customers have already found furniture alterations are not only a great way to take a nearly useless piece of furniture and give it new life, it’s also a great value.