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Furniture Restoration Team

Graybar Furniture Works is a team of educated, skilled woodworking and furniture experts who treat every job as the most important job we have. This makes Graybar Furniture Works the ideal choice for everything from your smallest most simple furniture repair to the seemingly impossible task of COMPLETELY restoring your fire or water damaged wood furniture.  No job is too big or too small for the Graybar Furniture Works team.

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Wood Furniture Restoration Leaders

broken chair rung needing repairCraig Graybar, the owner and president, founded our company nearly three decades ago when he needed a way to pay for college. It is interesting to note education is a huge part of the process of what continues to make Graybar Furniture Works an exceptional furniture restoration, alteration, reproduction and furniture repair shop. Craig Graybar, owner and president, worked his way through college at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee by initially going door to door and simply saying, "Got any loose chairs, I’ll fix them."

Todd Luebke, Graybar Furniture Works’ vice president joined Craig four years into what would become one of the world's premier furniture restoration, furniture reproduction, furniture repair and furniture alteration firms. Graybar Furniture Works has since developed a team of master craftsmen and craftswomen who are at the pinnacle of ability in the furniture industry. Hiring ‘work a day’ cabinet makers could enable us to assemble the work force Graybar Furniture Works needed to grow into a shop capable of delivering a perfect result in every furniture production we take on. Education will always be the key to Graybar Furniture Works success.

Our Team of Woodworking Artisans

Building an unparalleled team of woodworking professionals able to repair a broken chair leg or hand carve the entire facade of a church sanctuary damaged in fire requires a great deal of training and mentoring. Searching out individuals of character willing to treat every furniture repair or furniture restoration as if it is the single most important piece they will ever work on, then teaching these prodigies the woodworking and furniture manufacturing craft is the foundation of continued growth and success of Graybar Furniture Works. One master woodworking craftsman can restore one heirloom furniture piece at a time. A shop full of master craftsmen and craftswomen working as a team can repair, reproduce, restore and replicate furniture at a much greater level than a shop full of independent contractors can. Building a team comprised of the best of the best in the furniture and woodworking industry via education has made Graybar Furniture Works the premier Milwaukee Furniture restoration and repair center.

Education is what Graybar Furniture Works is all about. There is no question the Graybar team cannot answer in regard to your furniture repair or furniture restoration needs. Educating consumers of our woodworking services is simply part of delivering 100% satisfaction every time.

You will know you made the right choice for your furniture needs moments after meeting one of the Graybar team. Call us Today at 414.258.2390 or 888.383.2390 with your questions.