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Furniture Restoration and Repair Services

Craig Graybar Furniture Works is a full service furniture shop. We are one of the nation’s premier furniture restoration and repair companies; we also custom build and manufacture fine furniture. The simplest way to describe the services we provide is to say, ‘at Graybar Furniture Works no job is too big or too small because if it matters to you it matters to us.’  Yes, the presumption is that simple.  The woodworking services Graybar provides range from tightening up the legs of a dining room chair to repairing a priceless 18th century piece of American history. Whatever your need the woodworking craftsmen and craftswomen at Graybar are willing and able to deliver the finest result.

Our master woodworking services fall into four primary categories;

Proper Wood Furniture Restoration

Proper furniture restoration will preserve your fine furniture pieces for generations to come and ultimately help you avoid the substantial loss of original parts.  While some would have you believe cleaning up and reestablishing an antique furniture piece or family heirloom piece of furniture is likely going to cause a severe loss in monetary value, the reality is almost every worn and destabilized piece of fine or antique furniture is enhanced in value by being lovingly restored by the experts at Graybar Furniture Works. Even the piece you purchased at a rummage sale or found by the side of the road will greatly benefit from stopping at Graybar Furniture before you bring it home. Worn, peeling or damaged finishes not only look unsightly, the failing wood finish leaves the piece susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity and spills of ANY kind.  Once the elements have easy access to the wood; glues begin to fail and joints loosen, beautiful veneers begin to lift and break off, once flat table leaves begin to warp and twist, etc. Loose joints on a chair or table can lead to catastrophic failure and many times this results in a piece of otherwise fine furniture being hidden away so that it cannot be used in the common living spaces of a home where the piece belongs but it will continue to deteriorate just the same. The artisans and expert craftsmen at Graybar are legendary for taking any piece of furniture that looked old and tired; with the beginnings of structural degradation and making it more solid than the day it was built, with a look so fine, owners fall in love with their cherished furniture piece all over again.

Wood Furniture Alterations

Furniture Alterations are one of the more unexpected aspects of what the master craftsmen and women of Milwaukee’s Graybar Furniture Works do. So many times an existing furniture piece is personally connected to a family. While people’s needs and living space may change the beloved furniture piece remains the same. At Graybar we love to see the wonder in people’s eyes when they see their old twin-size bed frame become their new king-size bed frame and yet it still looks like it was always a part of their bedroom set. Making a smaller furniture piece larger often times seems like magic. It is equally impressive to take a furniture piece that is too tall or big for a living area and alter it to make the furniture piece ideally suited for its intended space with a result so precise even the most discriminating furniture expert can’t be sure if the furniture piece has been altered. At Graybar the answer is ‘YES’, we can rework your furniture to be exactly what you want and need. 

Wood Furniture Reproduction 

Furniture Reproduction is a service Graybar Furniture Works offers that leads to repeat furniture reproduction business in an interesting way. Many times a customer comes to us with a furniture piece that has a severely damaged door or drawer front or is missing altogether. Once they see the absolutely perfect match of the new door/drawer in every detail to the remaining original ‘untouched’ door or drawer front, the wheels start turning;  ‘We could use another dresser,’ and so it begins.  Graybar master craftsmen and master craftswomen can build an exact replica of the original dresser in every detail including wood, antique woodworking construction techniques like handmade dovetail joinery, even hand cut nails and screws! The reproduction furniture piece is an exact match EXCEPT that it is built to the exact specifications required by the proud owner. Maybe you need one more end table to fill out a living room or den, maybe you need eight antique dining room chairs and you only have six. Yes, that is right Craig Graybar Furniture Works will make exact replicas of antique or heirloom dining set chairs. In fact all Graybar reproductions are so precise in every detail we feel ethically bound to literally brand our duplicated furniture as reproductions so they cannot be passed off by someone of any description that is unscrupulously selling those reproductions as original antiques. Do you want another piece of furniture just like the one you currently have? At Graybar we can’t wait to amaze you with every detail of your fine furniture reproduction. 

Wood Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair is a big part of the furniture industry. Any furniture, including antiques or family heirlooms can suffer instant damage at the muzzle of a playful puppy or degradation over a long period of time due to fluctuations in temperature and/or humidity. The uncontrolled expansion and contraction of your wood furniture can leave table veneers and furniture joints susceptible to destabilization, water spills, and even insect damage. Some of the most breathtaking work we do at Graybar Furniture Works is rebuilding fire or water damaged furniture pieces. Often times a customer has a furniture piece with complex exotic wood inlay work de-laminating from a table top or drawer front that seems hopeless until it is restored to ‘better than remembered’ condition by the Graybar team.  Our woodworking artisans replace chewed up claw feet on antique chairs or tables so precisely the owner many times cannot be sure which foot has been repaired. Even fine antique wood carving is perfectly replicated in the repair of fine furniture at Graybar. If you have a broken or damaged piece Graybar Furniture can make your furniture piece as good or better than the day it was made.

At Graybar Furniture Works wood furniture repairs, restorations, alterations and custom building are easy. Call us at 414.258.2390 or 888.383.2390 today!