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Graybar Furniture Works is the finial atop Milwaukee’s furniture repair and restoration industry. Getting the repair, restoration or construction of your furniture started at Graybar Furniture Works is as simple as picking up the phone or fill out the form posted below. A woodworking artisan at one of America’s premier furniture restoration and repair shops, whose talents are unparalleled, will make you glad you made contact.

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Maybe you just need a loose chair repaired or re-caned or you have a dining room table in need of an extra leaf and you want it to look like an original part of the table. Perhaps you want to know if that antique armoire or dresser Aunt Martha handed down should be restored or refinished. Could it be you are a curator of 18th century design at a museum, looking for furniture artisans who will repair and stabilize an American treasure you are charged with preserving and protecting? Or do you just want your favorite furniture pieces to receive that kind of attention? It really doesn't matter what your furniture need or question is. No job is too big or too small for the craftsmen and craftswomen at Graybar Furniture Works.

Take a minute to contact us but, be forewarned; it doesn't matter if your furniture is made from oak or maple, cherry or poplar, walnut or birch, pine or bubinga - Graybar’s woodworking masters will deliver customer satisfaction through function, value and beauty.

Call us at 414.258.2390 or 888.383.2390 today or Use our Contact Form Above!

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