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We Turn Ideas into Heirlooms
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Milwaukee's Furniture Restoration Artisans

No Matter What the Job is,
If it is important to you, it is important to us.

Turning Ideas Into Heirlooms is what Graybar Furniture Works does all day every day. We are the premier Milwaukee and Wisconsin furniture repair, furniture restoration, furniture alteration, furniture reproduction and furniture manufacturer. We are proud enough of our work to sign it and we believe that our furniture craftsmen and craftswomen are the best you will find anywhere. Craig Graybar Furniture Works is proud to deliver the ‘Yes bid’ right here from the home page of our fine furniture works website without even seeing or hearing what you need done. Sounds vain? Please consider;

Wood Furniture Craftsmanship

Craig Graybar Furniture Works employs the hardest working, most able and dedicated furniture craftsmen and craftswomen. wood Bed Frames RestoredThe quality of our expert artisans work results in 80% of all our business being generated through satisfied furniture service customers repeat business and referrals. Our customers are satisfied because the Graybar woodworking team applies the same attention to detail and expert skill to simple furniture repairs as they apply to the most complex furniture restorations and furniture reproduction.

Skilled and Talented Woodworking Artisans

An absolute dedication to high level apprenticeship and ongoing training has helped Craig Graybar Furniture Works cultivate an environment where absolute perfection in every furniture repair or furniture alteration or antique furniture reproduction or heirloom furniture restoration is achieved. Craig Graybar Furniture Works has a team of the most talented and most result oriented woodworking artisans you will ever meet.

Yes We Can Repair, Restore, Build Any Type of Wood Furniture!

Yes, we can repair or restore your antique parlor table.
Yes, we can make exact replicas of your dining room chair.
Yes, we can convert your twin sized headboard to king size.
Yes, we can restore the 18th century Pennsylvanian master work you, as the curator of a museum, have been charged with the conservation of.
Yes, we can repair or replace the dog chewed claw-and-ball foot on your dining table that the family dog dutifully went to town on.
Yes, we can rebuild from pictures what fire or flood or theft took away.
Yes, we can restore the worn or damaged finish on your favorite vintage card table.
Yes, we can make your ten foot tall armoire eight and a half feet tall.
Yes, we can make your eight and a half foot tall armoire ten feet tall.
Yes, we can make an exact replica of your antique end table so you have a complete set even though the original set was split up via the wisdom of an estate attorney.
Yes, we can reattach and fill in the missing pieces of an antique inlay on a 19th century, one of a kind, family heirloom furniture piece.

Your Furniture Is Important To Us, Like It Is To You

antique Clock to Be RefurbishedAt Graybar Furniture Works we know how important your furniture is to you. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an antique, family heirloom or something you purchased at a rummage sale; your furniture becomes a treasured connection from the past to the present. Your furniture comes to embody so many wonderful memories it serves as a touchstone not just for your immediate family but for all your relatives and friends as well. At Graybar Furniture Works we understand this because we feel the same way about our own furniture so even your slightest whim is immensely, even all consuming important to us. Once we know your need or desire, the fact is the master craftsmen and craftswomen at Graybar Furniture Works are obsessed with making you a satisfied, repeat customer who also refers friends and family to Graybar.

We want to thank our long time customers for your ongoing patronage, your referrals and your support. We promise to never stop earning your furniture business and we would also like to invite those we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting to call or email right now to set up an appointment for your free (some exclusions apply, please call for details) in home furniture estimate and find out for yourself what makes a Graybar Furniture Works customer so satisfied.

At Graybar Furniture Works no job is too big or too small, yes we can and yes we will turn your ideas into heirlooms. Call us at 414.258.2390 or 888.383.2390 today!